Homeless veterans are asked to ‘go inside.’ What the man in red jacket reveals inside, no one saw coming

For some veterans coming back from the war, joblessness is a really hard issue to manage. After the countless hours of training, bravery for our country, and the many sacrifices they have made, there still is a strange 25% jobless rating for veterans ages 19-25, and soaring suicide rates.

The destitute rates for veterans is unsuitable and appalling, that’s when a man named Mark Doyle chose to take a stand. Beginning straightforward yet with a major heart, he began his little organization with 4 veterans to be a piece of his T-shirt organization. Named “Rags of Honor,” this company is on the way to becoming the next big thing!

As Doyle’s organization keeps on growing, he sits back in pride as he can breathe a sigh of relief with the learning that he has now helped 22 veterans look for some kind of employment in these alarming times. For men and ladies who gave their absolute best, it’s presently our swing to bail them out and give our absolute best!